You Were Born To Be Brave

….and then LIFE got in the way.

Maybe your childhood was not the most supportive or even some MINOR thing happened that ‘taught you’ to stand in fear because it kept you safe.

Perhaps you were ushered into ‘fitting in’ when you were born to stand out. So you did everything in your power to hide in the shadows.

Could it be that you did ONE brave thing and it went wrong, very wrong and you made a vow then and there that you would NEVER be brave again…..

It could have even been something as simple as a bedtime story that YOU were rescued by the handsome prince and it was up to HIM to be brave and YOU to be the damsel in DISTRESS to fit the story. …. so you choose to not be brave because then you would NOT get the ‘fairytale’ ending that you grew up dreaming about.

I give you permission to leave the past in the past.

I allow you to step out of the life you are living for others.

I grant you the permission to choose to be WHO you are brave enough to dream of being.

You were born to be brave.

You were born to be YOU. ….the one and only YOU!

I give you the permission to be brave and do that thing that scares you … no matter what may happen next.

It is time.


Shine your light like only you can.

Wishing you a most beautiful day, brave and beautiful soul!

#brave #inspiration