You Are Worth The Effort

…not because ‘you earned it’. NOT because you ‘deserve it’. Not because you did something great or even achieved amazing things.


You were created by the Divine (whom I call God, you may refer to your Divine by a different name). As a Divine creation, YOU are worth the effort.

Not feeling this? You are not alone.

So many of us at one time or another do not feel we are ‘worth the effort’ or deserving of any kindness.

Even I have felt this way on my own healing journey.

I am giving you permission to ask for help.

You are worthy of kindness from yourself and others. You are worthy of being treated with respect from yourself and others.

If you are not treating yourself well or find yourself in situations where harm - mental or physical - is being done to you, it is time for your own breakthrough.

Allow yourself the option to seek out help from a mental health professional, family, community resources or friends.

Not open to pursing that option?

Start small by:
🐞Following uplifting social media accounts like @PureAwakenings
🐞Invest your time in reading a self-help book / personal development book like the Emotion Code, The Body Keeps the Score, The Four Agreements or the Mastery of Love . (Affiliate links)
🐞OR commit to one thing a day like my free resource, Confidence Undercover

You are WORTH the effort.

Even if you are unable to believe this right now, believe that I KNOW you are worth the effort. I can believe it enough for both of us until you are ready to believe it yourself.

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