What to Expect from an Intutive Healing Session with Katy

I often get asked, what is an Intuitve Energy Session like? I have been struggling with describing one of my sessions in detail so am now simply offering a 45 minute introductory session to allow those who are curious to experience an energy healing first hand.

Keep reading to learn more about how the sessions work and what to expect.

Each and every session is different based on:

  • Your intentions coming in to the session
  • What is in your highest and best good
  • Where your 'team' leads me to go

All the energy is coming directly from God - I am simply the channel. I repeat, I am NOT healing you. God / Divine Source offers the healing energy and it is up to you to receive it with love.

With your permission, I connect in with your guides, guardians and angels who work with my angelic team to bring in what is in your highest and best good at that moment.

One misconception my energy healing clients have is the need to treat a healing session similar to a therapy session. My healing sessions DO NOT RESEMBLE working with a mental health professional.

A major difference between working with me as your energy healer vs working with a mental health professional is that you do NOT need to share your intention with me or the 'stories' behind things.

There is not a need to invest the time in telling me what is troubling you in order for us to initiate the healing. Your guides and guardians know the priority of what needs to be addressed and lead our session.

Energy healing allows us to open up and offer healing for the wound without the backstory... or time invested in sharing the backstory.

Most times, especially when first starting out, what your guides will bring up for us to heal are ordinary, mundane life experiences that do not register as 'traumatic,' but had a profound impact on your life. These are often the foundations of why you are doing things the way you do, the root of the habits in your life or why you view things in a certain light.

Your team may show me bits and pieces that will likely spark a memory for you that we will offer healing around. The fun part is, you don't even need to remember the event for us to shift the energy and offer healing around it. It works whether you remember it or not.

While I am a Reiki Master, the healing energy coming through me is not typically a Reiki-like Energy. The energy channeled through me is more similar to a Quantum Energy healing. Which means we are working on a higher plane that allows for deeper, more profound, healing with less effort and time.

Some clients feel it, others do not.

Our teams work together using me as the surrogate to clear your energy. You get to sit back and relax while I do the heavy lifting.​ (...and usually making some really funny faces, feelinhg all the feels and shifting the energy.)

I will often feel a sensation or other feeling in my body that shows me where the energy blockage or stagnancy is concentrated.

Your team keeps things 'easy and effortless' on your side to allow you to receive and heal as effortlessly as possible. The clearing happens through me with me feeling the sensations of the healing. The more open you become, the more likely you will begin to feel the energy if you choose to feel it.

My base modality in every session is The Emotion Code (affiliate link). It allows me to tap into the wounding of stored emotions in the body.

From there, the healing session may extend into shared energy through my pillar of light or a heart-to-heart connection with loving energy flowing from God through me to you.

We may use a 'repeat after me' technique where we are undoing previous programming or 'rewriting' how you view things. I have also used visualizations, meditations and have channeled loved ones for clients when it was necessary for the healing process. My sessions may include a non-verbal light language component as well.

My healing sessions often include the use of essential oils, crystals, feathers and my healing tools including 'Harry the Healer', Cricket, MeiLei and several others.

You are most welcome to bring your own essential oils and crystals to the session if you have them on hand. The majority of my oils come from Jade Bloom (affiliate link) and Miracle Botanicals (affiliate link that saves you $5). Both offer free shipping in the US.

My most impactful sessions to date are those where my clients set an intention before joining me on Zoom.

Intentions may include things like:

  • Removing money blocks
  • Getting to the core of a wound
  • Identifying what is holding you back or causing something to happen
  • Finding clarity around a specific area
  • Feeling at peace
  • Releasing anxiety and many other things that are personal to you

If you have read this far, I recommend you check out the options to book your own healing session here. You never know what it may open up in your own world!

Wishing you a beautiful day and month ahead.