It is up to me to set myself free

An AHA moment on my healing journey

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Recognizing that 'it is up to me to set myself free' was a game-changer moment for me!

It all began with the understanding that I cannot change that which I do not take responsibility for.

I was playing the victim in my own life... It was everyone else’s fault that my life sucked.

I felt my life was not my own and I was just a pawn.

Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with feeling like you are a victim or being in a state of victimhood.

Many people go through this state and some of us stay in it longer than others. When I was in a state of victimhood, I felt safe. I was already a victim so no matter what else happened, it couldn’t make things worse.

It was when I advanced on my own healing journey that I learned that I had to take that first very big doozy of a step OUT of victimhood for ME to begin my own healing process.

As a victim, I wasn’t responsible for ANYTHING. It wasn’t my fault. Everything was being done TO me.

I couldn’t CHANGE IT because it wasn’t my fault. ….yep …. I couldn’t change things because it wasn’t MY fault.

That was my BIG AHA. If I wanted to change my life, heal my past and open myself up to my brightest future, I would need to take responsibility for EVERYTHING in my life. …even the things that were done to me.

After my very toddler like temper tantrum, denying that it was my fault and panicking thinking about what COULD happen if I didn’t take responsibility and the even worse things that could happen should I step up and take responsibility for my own life instead of blaming everyone else…..

I bit the bullet, took that enormous first step by saying, I choose to take responsibility for my own life.’ and set out to see what that meant for me.

It was a process. A LONG process as I didn't seek the help to make it easy. I had all these hidden patterns and programs built in since I was a baby. ...and I was choosing to do it all on my own without a guide to help me. ...somethings are just better to NOT do DIY! (learn more about working with me as your coach to go further, faster.)​

I started small by stepping up and saying, I take responsibility for that mess on the counter. I don’t know who created it, but I am taking the responsibility of cleaning it up. A little side note the time I was living alone so I was the one creating it …. just not willing or able to admit to it!

The more responsibility I took for ME and everything that happened THROUGH me in my life (not just TO me), I was able to access the core wounds and heal my own life while stepping further into the person I was designed to be by my divine father vs. the person I was molded to be here on earth.